Monday, January 31, 2011

Improvements and Highlights

Ok, for many of you in blogger land you could probably say that my blog has been somewhat...lacking (which could quite possibly be the biggest understatement of the century) but as part of my New Year's improvements (I decided not to make resolutions this year, I just want to make improvements on things I'm already trying to be better at but that isn't really the point of this blog, well it does have a little something to do with it since my blog is actually part of my improvements) and yes I did just use two sets of parenthesis in less then one sentence, but I will never claim to have excellent grammar skills, it happened, get over it. So what have we learned so far...I suck at updating my blog and grammar...BUT, I'm going to be better at updating my blog but I make not promises that my grammar skills will improve because for the most part I just don't care if I use a semicolon correctly, I have way more important things to worry what's going to happen on Vampire Diaries or what we are going to do on Friday you can see waaayy more important then silly semicolon.

I decided that blogging at least once a month would be a
good improvement on my current blogging habits, well, I guess once a YEAR would be an improvement on my current blogging habits, but I'm going to stick once a month. And staying true to the procrastination skills that I perfected in college, I am writing my January blog, on the 31st.

One of my friends has a fun tradition that at the beginning
of each year they write down the highlights from the past year and then make predictions for the next year, so instead of trying to write about everything that has happened since I last blogged, which let's be honest, would be pretty boring to read and not so much fun for me to write, I decided that a few highlights would be the best way to start my blogging improvements.

2010 Highlights

#1- I went through the temple and received my endow
This was hands down the best decision I have ever made, I known I have said this about laser hair removal and permanent make-up but those don't even compare. Many people have asked why I decided to go through the temple even though I wasn't getting married or going on a mission, and it hasn't been the easiest question to answer because I wasn't exactly sure how to put it in words, so I'm going to try and explain this without getting all churchy (sp?), wish me luck. For the most part, and I emphasize, the most part, I have tried to live my life according to gospel standards. I was lucky enough to be raised by amazing parents and have had great friends who have helped make living those standards a little easier. That being said... there I was, about to turn 24 (which is Utah County, I might as well be picking out the names of my future cats) graduated from college, no prospects in sight ( I hate the word "prospects" but it fits well in this situation) ready to take the next step in my life. I just had no idea what that next step would be....I'm sure I'm the only person who has ever had this problem but try to imagine what it is like when your life doesn't quite turn out exactly how you had I toyed with the idea of a mission but that never has felt right and I didn't want to go just because I wasn't married, and the idea of going through the temple kept creeping into my head. But I always just pushed it away, mainly because it was so unconventional and I was a little nervous that I wouldn't be able to take on the responsibility that comes with receiving your endowment on my own. But the thoughts never went away and I started looking at the examples I have of strong single women in my life and knew that I wouldn't be alone if I ever did make the decision to go and they would always be there to support me. I go home every Sunday to spend time with the family and eat an actual home cooked meal and entire time at church that day I had been thinking about the temple and how I felt like I was ready, and the only thing holding me back was the fact that I hadn't found, and for lack of a better word "Mr. Right", so I come home that particular Sunday and what do I see, the Ensign, completely dedicated to Temples, with a picture of the St. George Temple (my all time favorite temple) on the front. I couldn't ignore the thoughts any longer and the next Sunday I talked to my bishop about a temple prep class and got the ball rolling. My grandma was more then thrilled for my decision, and my parents were nothing but supportive. Long story short, everything worked out perfectly, I had amazing friends and family who traveled all the way down to St. George to show their support and my niece Anya was blessed on the same day. It was a slightly stressful weekend but I still feel like it's been the best thing I have ever done.Wow, that was a lot longer then I intended...on to highlight #2

#2- Florida!!!
My sister Brooke, my cousin Emily and myself ( I could spen
d time trying to decided if that the right way to say all of those names, but like I've said before I have more important things to worry about besides grammar) went to Florida for Spring Training!! It was so much fun, we went to 7 baseball games in 10 days, saw Joe Mauer nearly everyday, got to go to Clearwater Beach and went to DisneyWorld! It was pretty much the best vacation ever! We aren't able to go this year due to undesirable money situations but we are definitely going to try and do this again#3 Summer
Summer 2010 was one that will go down in infamy! Kelsi, Amanda and I spend nearly everyday at the pool where we met lots of amazing people. We cam
ped out for the parade, watched fireworks, went to rodeo's and a demolition derby! There was also a couple of road trips in there to St. George and even one to San Diego. I can't put into words how much I love the summer! It's by far my favorite season, summer memories are the only thing that get me through the freezing cold Utah winters....and I have a feeling that summer 2011 is going to kick summer 2010's butt, and I can't wait!#4 Moved into a house with Lindy, Andi and Amanda!!
The majority of my best friends from high school got married young. I, obviously, did not. In high school we spent nearly everyday together and got to be v
ery close, but then they got busy with their married lives and I've been busy with my single one, and I have missed the bond that comes with having close friends. Don't get me wrong, I've been very fortunate to have found great friends since high schools, some that I'll hopefully have forever, but we have gone our separate ways, as sometimes happens in life and lost that close bond of seeing someone everyday and being involved in each others lives. I've also been lucky enough to have a lot of close guy friends as well, but I've that life isn't the same without close girl friends.

That being said, I have once again been extremely blesse
d to live with 3 girls that I absolutely LOVE and couldn't imagine my life without. Sometimes I think that we couldn't be more different, and in all reality we should get a long at all, but some how it works. We can spend hours just sitting around talking and laughing about nothing and give each other advice and we aren't afraid to tell it like it is. Between the boys and parties our lives rarely have a dull moment and I wouldn't want it any other way. Even though they don't quite understand my slight obsession with sports, they seem to tolerate it. I foresee having these girls in my life for years to come and I couldn't be more excited about it. Enjoy a couple of my favorite pictures of us chicas....let's be honest, who wouldn't want to hang out with us, we're pretty great ;)