Sunday, August 28, 2011

Strongest When I'm Weak

I virtually have no excuse for my lack of blogging besides mere laziness; therefore, I'm going to blame it on summertime. Summer is a time for being lazy, I'm pretty sure there are songs about it, you could google it and you see for yourself, or you could just take my word for it, either way, I'll be right, so if you want to waste your time go right ahead. This summer has been so great, more details to come later, but I've learned one thing the is not easy. I know, profound right? For some reason this realization has hit me like a ton of bricks these past few months, and getting by a ton of bricks is not as fun as it sounds.

I just reread my last blog post and I do have a hard time complaining about my life because, let's face it, I don't have much to complain about. I have decent health, an amazing family, great friends, and surrounded by people who have similar beliefs, but somehow, I can find plenty to whine about.

I've been on a roller coaster of emotion (bonus points if you recognized the Anchorman quote) these past months... I love being single, I hate being single, maybe I should go back to school, why in the heck would I want to go back to school, I'm interested in this guy, no wait, interested in this guy, no wait, not interested in anyone...I think you know where I'm going with this. So that is how my life has been, basically the roller coaster from hell (sorry for the language, but sometimes it's needed) and I can't for the life of me get off of it.

So here comes the real inspiration for this post... I'm on this roller coaster from you know where, feeling somewhat helpless, and I came across this artist named Marianne Beard. I don't know much about her but I've fallen in love with her music. There is a song in particular that I'm slightly obsessed with at the moment. I don't even know the name of it but the lyrics have been exactly what I've needed to hear. This isn't the whole song, just my favorite lines. I wish I knew how to just post the song because it's seriously amazing. I hope you enjoy them as much as I have, if you want the whole song, let me know and I'll do my best to get it to you.

So here I am with this news, I've never been this scared before
I've been down a million roads, but never anything of this form
I don't know why, but somehow I'll get through all of this bad news

Another day, another stage, sometimes I feel confused
I've heard it all, in every place, there is only so much I can do
I can't see why, but I can see how life is sweet and means something deeper to me
No more slippin away, no more losing my breath, losing myself in this game

Because I can be tough when the challenge is rough
I'm not alone in this fight
I can be brave when the road is unpaved
When I'm tested in life
Even when I'm tired and worn down, can't get up from my knees
I'm starting to believe, I'm strongest when I'm weak

It's hard to appreciate fully without the music but I think you get the idea.

Now I just have to sit back, put my hands up in the air and enjoy this ride.

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Lizzie Jones said...

Dearest Blaire, I sure like you and now I can tell you that I read your blog :)