Sunday, November 6, 2011


Halloween has never been my favorite holiday. To me, Halloween officially closes the door on summer and putting my flip flops into retirement makes me a little sad, but I think the biggest reason I don't love Halloween is the costume part. For some reason everyone likes to use Halloween as an excuse to wear as little as possible and it drives me a little crazy. So instead of dealing with the moral dilemma of modesty, I usually go with my fall back costume of one of Gus's old baseball uniforms, hat and eye black, which is boring, but it's also cheap, easy and requires VERY little effort on my part.
This year, for some reason, I decided to put a little more effort in to my costume. I think living with Andi and Lindy for the past few years have had the biggest influence on my Halloween attitude change. I've always played around with idea of being a super hero but I could never decide which one or how to go about doing it without spending a ton of money so after careful consideration I decided to be my own superhero. Everyone was using a tutu of some sort for their costumes this year and I didn't want to be left out but I'm pretty sure if I were to be a superhero my costume would probably consist of a tutu any way.
Here are some pictures of our Halloween weekend.

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